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Current Color Trends — Fifty Shades of Gray

Current Color Trends — Sophisticated Gray

Fifty Shades of Gray, oh my! Are you thinking of updating your home? Gray walls are everywhere now. If it’s time to change your walls — beige, cafe au lait, pale mocha, bone — the favorite neutrals for the past decade, today’s new favorite colors are gray-based neutrals. Okay, you ask, isn’t gray just black and…Read More »

Should I Sell My Home or Condo As-Is?

Should I Sell As-Is?

As one of the most difficult decisions in real estate marketing, the idea of selling your home or condo”as-is” (without making any repairs, renovations, or upgrades) appeals to homeowners needing to sell quickly or that are cash strapped. Can you do it? Yes. Should you do it? Well…that depends on your market and how badly…Read More »