Current Color Trends — Fifty Shades of Gray

Current Color Trends — Sophisticated Gray

Fifty Shades of Gray, oh my! Are you thinking of updating your home? Gray walls are everywhere now. If it’s time to change your walls — beige, cafe au lait, pale mocha, bone — the favorite neutrals for the past decade, today’s new favorite colors are gray-based neutrals. Okay, you ask, isn’t gray just black and…Read More »

Should I Sell My Home or Condo As-Is?

Should I Sell As-Is?

As one of the most difficult decisions in real estate marketing, the idea of selling your home or condo”as-is” (without making any repairs, renovations, or upgrades) appeals to homeowners needing to sell quickly or that are cash strapped. Can you do it? Yes. Should you do it? Well…that depends on your market and how badly…Read More »

The 10 most expensive homes in Burlingame, CA

Burlingame home prices are hovering around entry levels for Hillsborough.  If you’re looking in the $2 million plus range, make sure you compare both communities.  They share many things but one thing not shared is the size of the lot.  Hillsborough offers much larger lots than almost all of Burlingame. Let us tell you more.…Read More »

5 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

5 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

Scorrrrrrrre!!!!!! Celebrate a World Cup of Your Own You may not have made it to the FIFA World Cup this year in Brazil, but you can still score big by improving your FICO or Vantage credit score. There’s no way around it, if you want to buy a home with a mortgage, you’ll get a…Read More »

Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ideas for New Home Owners

Landscaping Ideas

In the excitement of buying and decorating a new home, remember to plan for the long-term when you start landscaping. With the recent widespread drought problems, installing sustainable, drought-tolerant landscaping not only saves water, it means your efforts will survive season to season, saving you both time and money. What to keep and what to remove Making…Read More »

4 Good Tips for Buying a Home

Tips for Home Buyers

Searching for a new home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. It’s a lot like courting – the pursuit, the “getting to know you” period, the proposal (aka “offer”), and the marriage (aka “closing”). If you don’t want your relationship with a new home to crash and burn, you need…Read More »

Will a Bath Remodel Increase My Home’s Value?

Bathroom Remodel

Spring is just around the corner and the lure of a new home has you thinking about putting yours on the market. Your neighbor added a new bathroom last year and you’re wondering if you should upgrade yours before you sell. Logically, a new bathroom should increase the value of your home, right? From 2006…Read More »

Maintain the Plumbing in Your Home Before Trouble Arrives

plumbing in your home

There are many great things about owning your home, but dealing with plumbing problems is not one of them, especially as holidays approach. Maintain the plumbing in your home before trouble arrives. Here are several simple and inexpensive steps for you to take to keep plumbing problems — and expensive calls to the plumber — to a minimum.…Read More »

How do you welcome fall at Your Home?

decorating for fall at your home

The calendar said we hit fall back in September but the weather hasn’t caught up with that just yet with really warm days and cool nights still with us. It makes it hard to really feel like it is fall. How do you welcome fall at your home? Do you pull out the hay bales,…Read More »

Expect Lending Delays With the Shutdown

Congress has shut down our government. Expect Lending Delays with the shutdown. There’s no way around these delays, either. If you’re in the process of getting your loan approved and underwritten, your time table has effectively been shut down. The Social Security Administration and the IRS are integral parts of all lending today. With both…Read More »