5 Tips for Fall Home Maintenance: Burlingame CA

When Halloween comes it’s time to check your home for fall maintenance ’cause winter’s on its way .  Taking the time to fix things when they’re small issues saves big bucks later on.  Here of 5 of the  easiest things to do:

1.  Change your battery in the smoke detector and while you’re at it, but the new carbon monoxide monitor that California has made mandatory in all homes.  Home Depot has them at very reasonable prices.  We use heat during the winter and our heat is gas generated.  Need I say more?

2.  Change furnace filters and buy extras to have so you can change the filter in 3 months.  PG&E can come and check your furnace to make sure it’s operating correctly and they do it for free.

3.  Clean gutters of leaves now and again once most of the trees have seen their leaves fall off.  Yes, we do live in an area where some leaves seem to hang on forever but it needs to be done.  If you can’t reach your gutters hire someone to do this.  It will prevent issues later on if you do this.

4. If you live in a house, now’s the time to walk around it and look at every window closely.  Is the caulking still good around the sash?  If not, learn how to caulk your windows.  A little prevention now will save you from big expenses once the rains come and rain enters the walls inside your home.  That can cause wet rot, dry rot and floors getting permanently damaged.  Then you have big expenses fixing all of that

5. While you have the caulk gun in your hand, change the tube of caulk and caulk your tub and shower to keep them water tight and the tile surround secure.  This little job will keep you from problems later on in the bathroom.

That’s it.  Five little jobs that can keep your home running warm and dry this winter.

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