A New HomeBuyer Assistance Program in Millbrae

It’s sure been a while since I’ve seen anything like this one.  If you want to buy a new home and are in need of some financial assistance to do so, you just might want to check this out.  If you qualify, there’s a $15,000 cash assistance program for  you.  There is a catch, though.  Isn’t there always one?  You must be buying a new condo only at the Belamor Millbrae Paradise and it must be done before November 30,2011.

The good news is that BMR units, that’s Below Market Rate units are included in this program!  This condo property is really beautiful and the condos are done with all of the bells and whistles you’d hope to find in a high-end property.  They’re close to the transit hub in Millbrae for CalTrain or BART commutes.

Here are the Rules.

1.  If you intend to buy a unit you need to download an application for this program here.

2. Be Pre-Approved for a loan before you apply for this program but make sure your lender is aware of this program and has seen the application.

3. Go to 151 El Camino Real in Millbrae and pick your new home.

4.  Sign the contract for the purchase.  If you need a Realtor to represent your interests, and I suggest you have one, call us.

5. You also must bring your application, which has been filled out in full, along with you when you’re ready to buy your new condo.  Make sure you have made a copy of it to give to your lender.

6. Once you’ve been approved by your lender, you must notify Belamor Millbrae Paradise that the loan underwriter has approved you so they can proceed with the paperwork with the City of Millbrae.  The City will deposit $15,000 into your escrow account.  You will not be able to choose the title and escrow company for your purchase so be prepared to work with the company Belamor Millbrae Paradise has selected.

7.  Once you have signed all paperwork at the Title company, and have been notified that you are on record with the County of San Mateo as the home owner you then go to the sales office of Belamor Millbrae Paradise to get your keys and a home warranty.

This really is the first home assistance program I’ve seen in several years.  Don’t expect the offer to last long.  Once the amount of money Millbrae has set aside for it is used up, you’ll be out of luck.

If you need help with this contact us.

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