April 2011 Market Report: Hillsborough CA

Being the Crown Jewel of San Mateo County comes with benefits and negatives.  The benefit is that it’s a beautiful and secluded community close to everything. The negatives are that the most expensive homes always take the most time to sell.  The pool of buyers is smaller and not everyone is running around with 3 or 4 millions bucks in their bank account waiting for the perfect home to show up in the market place.  Therefore, Hillsborough California, zip code 94010 (which is also shared with Burlingame) has more homes for sale and fewer sales taking place.  With a median price of $3.2 million there is much to select from if Hillsborough CA is your choice for a town to call home.

We just haven’t seen as much movement in the market in Hillsborough as we’ve seen in Burlingame.  But, we’re talking twice the money and twice the house.

Hillsborough CA Market report

Here’s what’s taken place the first part of this year with the data from the MLS.  We are seeing more and more listings, which is quite normal for this time of the year and with 25 homes pending close of escrow, May should be a great month in real estate for Hillsborough.  This is the perfect example of  why all real estate is local, local, local and why you can’t believe what you read in the national newspapers.  For that matter, even the local dailies aren’t really reporting what’s going on in San Mateo County when they say the average price has dropped.  Again.

Hillsborough  CA stats

Here’s what’s on the market for Hillsborough, CA today.  If you want to see something, give us a call or drop us an email.  This real estate market is heating up and we expect to still see some good buys.  What we don’t anticipate seeing are many bank owned properties in Hillsborough so if you’re searching for one, perhaps you’ll have better luck buying a short sale or, heaven forbid, a regular sale!  The market has corrected as much as it will and now we are seeing prices beginning to rise.  What are you waiting for?

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