April 2011 Market Report: San Mateo CA

San Mateo is the 2nd most populous city in San Mateo County with around 97,000 residents.  What goes along with the size of the city is the dramatic difference in housing and prices.  From entry level houses to huge estate sized homes, one can find almost anything in their price range.  There’s a large assortment of condos, a sprinkling of townhouses, and lots and lots of single family houses, many built after WWII.  Central in the county it’s a great commute location for north or south cities on the Peninsula.

San Mateo single family reportThe housing market  has improved over the past year, which is great news for current homeowners and people looking to buy today.  Altos Research showed that last week prices had a dramatic spread, from a low of $249,000 to a high of $3.8 million.  Believe me when I tell you that $249,000 house is tiny and in a rather bad location, but it’s a stand alone house built in the 1930’s when it once was a darling home.

Here’s the snapshot of last week’s condo and townhouse  listings in San Mateo.  Like the houses, prices vary dramatically from a studio apartment to a glamorous high rise condo with views forever.

Condo & Townhouse report

Here’s the MLS report I’m doing this year for San Mateo.  The market is warming up and prices are too.  San Mateo County has a housing shortage and rentals are being snapped up and rents are rising dramatically.  If you think you can’t afford to buy you may be surprised that you can.  We can help you figure that out pretty quickly.  Why pay someone else’s mortgage when you can take advantage of the tax advantages home ownership offers?

San Mateo MLS stats

Here’s some of what’s available for sale in San Mateo today.  If you see something you want more information about please call us or drop us an email.  We’ll be happy to get you more info and show it to you.

[idx-listings city=”San Mateo” propertytypes=”609″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”30″]

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