Burlingame Has Too Much of a Good Thing! Elementary School Aged Children.

Hoover_School as seen from Summit Dr.Back in 1989, when school populations were declining, the Burlingame School district closed Hoover School.  This was a time when many school districts were closing schools due to declining enrollment.  I remember years ago, when my children were young sitting at a coffee with a school superintendent who was convinced that the school population was never going to increase.  He saw expensive homes being built and misjudged who would be buying them.  It was families with elementary aged children and one of the local schools had been closed by that time.  This took place in Moraga, across the bay in Contra Costa County but the same thing was taking place in San Mateo County, too.  It began back in the late 1970’s and continued on for over a decade.

Hoover_School as seen from Summit Dr.Twenty years later, we find ourselves with growing elementary enrollment in Burlingame.  It’s almost too much of a good thing! Classes are crowded.  Portable classrooms are becoming the norm at every school in Burlingame and the District is discussing buying back the old Hoover School at 2220 Summit Drive, right at the end of Easton Drive in the Easton Edition.  This building was a Buddhist Temple until quite recently.  It happens that it was for sale until a few months ago, but the listing was cancelled.  It just might still be available, and how fortunate for the families of Burlingame!

Still in beautiful condition, this former school could likely be ready for children within some renovations.  The classrooms still remain but there were many modifications done to the old school that might require addition construction.  It’s certainly not a done deal but a real possibility.  If it’s something you would like to see, do let the Burlingame Elementary School Board know your thoughts.  That means pick up the phone and call them, don’t just think about it.

Map of location where Hoover School sitsThe additional buildings on this campus could house the administrative offices for the school district.  If this old school site is purchased by the district, it could be a home run for the citizens of Burlingame.

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