Burlingame, I Have Been Memed. So What Does That Mean? Read On

I guess writing about Burlingame and our local areas makes me boring.  Laurie Manny from LongBeachRealEstateHome.com thought it would be funny to Meme me.  A meme is an internet chain letter, but you have to post it for everyone to read.  A meme lets other people know details about you that you might not otherwise disclose   blog.  This particular meme revolves around the number 8.  There are 8 questions and I get to annoy 8 other bloggers to do this as well.  The number 8 is the infinity symbol and the person to start this silly project is Mary McKnight of RSSpieces.  For some reason, 8 is Mary’s favorite number (she only has 2 children and one husband and that adds up to 3 to me) but this is 2008 so here I go.

1. Who is your favorite musical artist? (post a youtube video)

Paul McCartney’s last album, and this song, Everybody Going to Dance Tonight, is a delight to listen to and has several songs I really love. But there are really many other artists and musical genres I really like, such as jazz and classical.

2. Who is your favorite artist (post a flicker photo)

I have collected some interesting art by Leo Posillico, a California artist who does a lot of whimsy things.  This is one from his series with words.  We have three of them and they garner lots of comments when we have guests over.

Exchanging Words

3. Who is your favorite blogger?

That’s not a fair question because I read so many.  Barry Ritholtz, Pat Kitano, Seth Godin, CopyBlogger, etc.

4. If you could meet anyone (alive or dead), who would it be and what is the most interesting thing about them?

Alive?  Warren Buffett one of the smartest men on the planet today.

Dead?  Lady Bird Johnson, a woman who I admired for her tenacity when it wasn’t permitted for women and her desire to improve our country with a little thing, planting wild flowers.  Texas, in the spring with those Blue Bonnets she was responsible for planting, is a memorable site. And Eleanor Roosevelt is also a woman who impacted the world and is someone I wished I could have met.

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was very young, around 7 or 8, I wanted to be an architect but a teach of mine told me that a woman could never be an architect, and I guess I believed her because, I’m not one.  When I was in high school I wanted to be a concert flutist and started college as a music major.  Then I changed my major to Radio-TV and wanted to be the first woman TV director.  I went on to do many things in broadcasting but not direct TV. I wanted to go into real estate after buying my first home.   It only took me 30 plus years to get around to it.

6. What is the most interesting piece of trivia you know?

There are two streets in San Francisco that are crooked.  Lombard Street is the one everyone goes to but there is another one, steeper and with more turns on Vermont St.

7. If you could live in any point in history what would it be and why?

During the 18th Century as an aristocrat or someone with money since much happened during that point and it would have been interesting living then.  Other than then, we live in some interesting times right now.

8. What is the most interesting job you have ever held?

Besides now?  Working for National Public Radio (NPR) was by far the most interesting job I have ever held because I learned about so many things, met some really interesting people, and had the rewarding job of raising money to fund an institution that I love and believe in.

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