Burlingame Residents This is a Good Time to Buy or Sell a Home!

Real Estate was the engine driving the economy, and real estate in Burlingame was no exception to this. We can’t go a single day without some one telling us that this is the worst real estate market ever. Is
it, really?  Yes, of course it is in many places in the country.  The Detroit area is in a depression.  Stockton and San Bernardino are sure close.  San Mateo County is nothing like that.  We still have a shortage of houses on the market.  We are still seeing multiple offers.  You read right.  Multiple offers are still out there and more about it shortly.  So Burlingame, what are you waiting for?

What is it that is holding you back from listing your house and moving up to that new one you’ve been dreaming about?  There’s money to lend at low interest rates.  There are people out there ready to buy, and Burlingame is a happening place with great schools, a vibrant downtown, and an easy commute to the City or Valley. So, please tell me, why won’t you list your house?  What are you afraid of?

Right now there are only 39 houses for sale in all of Burlingame.  Prices range from a top of $2.895 Million for a 5500 square foot house down to $735,000 for a small cottage.  We do have an increase in the number of houses for sale from last month’s 28.  So I do have hope that we might begin to see more homes come
on to the market.  If you want to move to Burlingame it’s a great time to do it.  We haven’t seen a house priced in the $700,000’s for several years!

The house receiving multiple offers last week wasn’t in Burlingame, it was in San Carlos and it saw 13 offers.  This is just like what went on several years ago and will likely reoccur in Burlingame, too, unless we see more houses come on the market.  There are a lot of people out there coveting our community.  Let’s help them settle here!  Okay?

Moving? Know the value of your home …