Burlingame Schools Are Fab-u-louso! – Burlingame CA


The Burlingame Elementary School District has announced that they have 2 schools with over 900 API State Performance Index scores and 4 with over 800 API State Performance Index scores.  That’s fantastic Burlingame!!  Add to that the 2009-2010 California Business Roundtable Honor Awards that all 5 of the elementary schools received and Burlingame has something huge to be proud of.

Burlingame Intermediate School’s, otherwise known as BIS, Knowledge Masters Team ranks 3rd in the State of California and 47th out of 649 schools internationally.  Is there any wonder why Burlingame is one of the most coveted communities in the Bay Area?  Home values have held and are once again rising.

This is the time to consider making a move to Burlingame if you live some where else.  Top schools.  Beautiful weather.  Central to San Francisco or Silicone Valley.  Graceful homes.  All of this makes a fabulouso community for raising a family or just as a special place to hang your hat.

The Wilkas Group is here to assist you in finding just the right house to make yours.  Our knowledge and expertise of the area is available to assist you.  Give us a call or drop an email.

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