The Burlingame Annual Criterium Bicycle Race is Sunday

Burlingame Criterium Bicycle race

This Sunday, downtown Burlingame will turn into a bicycle raceway, when the 5th annual Ryan Phua Criterium takes place, so beware.  Parking will be tight.  Streets will be closed and it will be a great day to bring the family and watch the fun.  Starting at the intersection of Burlingame Avenue and Lorton Avenue, the 7/10 of a mile race is serious business and the bicycles are moving fast.  Crossing the street when they’re coming down the raceway is dangerous and won’t be allowed, so plan accordingly.

Criterium racewayThe first race begins at 7 AM.  There is a 60 minute children’s race for kids 12 and under, at 10:20 AM, that runs the same course, as well as  other adult races during the day.  Most of the races run 40 minutes long, with bicyclists whizzing around the track at amazing speeds.  It’s an exciting race and something you will truly enjoy watching.

The Criterium race will accept registration through Friday here.  There will be same day registration for an additional fee .Go to  the front of Copenhagen Bakery on Burlingame Avenue to register.  The biggest race offers a $1000 prize to the winner.  The others offer $500 prizes.A Portion of each entry fee will be donated to the Burlingame Community for Education and Ryan
Phua foundation benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Over $235,000 has been raised to date.

Burlingame has hosted criterium bicycle races for years, with some in residential areas and most downtown.  The present course offers tight turns, and a small course with both men and women competing.  Street will be closed between 5 AM and 4 PM and the Burlingame PD will ticket if you are parked in an illegal area.  Some garages are going to be off limit,  Park a few blocks away and way over to the course areas.  Have fun and make this an annual event for the family to attend.

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