Calling All Contractors!! This Pacifica House is Calling You.

Pacifica House looking for help!

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and when I drove up to see this property, I had to take this picture of the garage roof.  It is an indicator of how bad this house is, and how much in need of help.  Calling All Contractors out there! This can be a great investment in Linda Mar, Pacifica, but it will take a whole lotta work.  Drive on by to 1659 Linda Mar and decide for yourself.  It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house that was once loved by some family and probably well taken care of, but right now it’s a wreck!

Pacifica House

The property is in being called a Contractor Special and with almost $35,000 for the pest report alone, a contractor may want to take this down to the studs and rebuild.  It’s priced right at $439,000 but there is a hitch.  In order to buy this mess you need to have your offer presented to the Bankruptcy Court and they won’t give it away, even in its present condition.  In fact, they hope to see multiple bids so they can get more money, not less, from the buyer.

Looking into the house

Since I wasn’t able to enter the house, I did peek in through a coupe of windows and this is an example of what is inside.  The kitchen has a few cabinets remaining but nothing else.  There is hardwood flooring in the living room, but who can tell the condition.  Some time ago, a second story was added increasing the square footage considerably and, my guess is adding two more bedrooms and a bath, since there are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.


It appears that someone started doing some work on this house but left it in disarray.  If you are a contractor with money in the bank, and looking for a project, this is a good one.  The houses sell anywhere from $600,000 on upward but the average price is $650,000.  If you can get the work done on your own, you will be able to resell for a profit.  Linda Mar is the most southern part of Pacifica with the best weather and a beautiful beach.  If you’re a surfer-contractor, this might be narvana.

Just in case you think you can “Do It Yourself”, I’ve written about the costs to do things before.  Check it here and do the math. More information about that when you call me at 650-696-2820.

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