Career Closet and the San Francisco 49ers Partner to Help the Women of San Mateo County!

I begin this by saying I’m on the Board of Directors of the Career Closet, an organization of Women Helping Women in need.  We serve San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties by dressing Career_Closetwomen re-entering, or many times entering for the first time,  the work world with a week of clothing appropriate for a new job.  The mission of the Career Closet is dressing a woman from the inside out.  There is really something magical watching the face of a woman who has had nothing receive a suit for interviewing, help with a resume, and then a wardrobe suitable for the job she has just been hired for and all for free.  Obviously, as a non-profit it takes a village to make this work and donations of clothing and money for operations help a great deal.

SF49ersThe San Francisco 49ers have adopted the Career Closet and spent two different days helping the volunteers with Career Closet.  Beginning in October, several of the players, their wives, and many members of the 49er organization met at the San Jose Career Closet to shadow the volunteers and learn what it is the Closet does to help disadvantaged women, many of whom came from domestic violence situations.  The Niners also contributed clothing and came in partnership with Intuit to help present a donation of cash and clothing.  Part of what they did was help to sort the donations of clothing and then their wives helped dress several of the Career Closet clients with business suits, and other clothing. The team is actively involved in

Atiyyah_Ellison_Joanne_Pasternack_Jean_CecilOne of the 49ers present during the October day was Atiyyah Ellison, pictured here.  He’s presenting flowers to the Director of Career Closet, Jean Cecil, and between them is Joanne Pasternack, Director of Community Relations with the 49ers.  The San Francisco 49ers have taken a pledge against domestic violence and are partners with the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium.  Last year they helped to raise $36,000 for this cause through the sale of special 49er caps.

This week, the 49ers were back to help the Career Closet once again but this time in the Foster City location and in partnership with the San Mateo Credit Union. The credit union held a clothing drive and then along with members of the 49er back office were there to help the Career Closet Volunteers sort the clothing donations and then assisted volunteers in dressing several clients in preparation for their interviews for jobs.  All of the women helped this week came from a shelter for domestic violence and had suffered some major abuse in their lives.  The smiles on these ladies makes everything the Career Closet does worthwhile.

If you work for a company located in either San Mateo County or Santa Clara County, women’s work appropriate clothing you no longer use, and money, can help hundreds of women who might not otherwise receive a helping hand.  It’s so easy to help.  You can send a check as a year-end donation to the Career Closet, 43 East Gish Road, Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95112 – or do it online.  You’ll feel great knowing you’ve helped someone who lives in our community and is trying to become a contributing member of our society!  If you work for a company that provides matching funds for any cash donation you provide, let them know about the Career Closet and what it is we do.  it’s so simple and so helpful to our mission.  You don’t need to contribute a great deal, even small amounts are helpful.  Won’t you do this for our community?

Shown below are Career Closet volunteers, San Francisco 49er staff, and representatives from the San Mateo County Credit Union after a lot of hard work and fun in the Foster City Career Closet located at 1163 Chess Drive, Suite A.  The Black Hats, called Respect Rims, are the ones that the 49ers donate 100% of the proceeds to the 49er Foundation in support of the San Francisco Domestic Violence consortium and Partners Ending Domestic Abuse.  if you want one to wear you can get it from here.

Foster City Career Closet, 49ers and San Mateo County Credit Union

Can you guess what my postion on the Career Closet Board of Directors is?

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