Consider Safety When Showing Your Foster City Home For Sale – Foster City CA

Foster City CAWhen a potential buyer considers a home for sale in Foster City, they’re looking for more than just a home that “feels” good.  They also want to make sure their wants and needs can be met now, as well as in the future. If the buyer has a young family, one of these needs is often a concern for safety.  Whether it’s safety in regards to stability and workmanship of the home, or safety in terms of investment potential, or location, you can bet safety is on their mind.

Child safety may not be something that you think about when preparing your home for sale if you don’t have babies, but it really does matter in the minds of most buyers. While they won’t expect your home to be outfitted with the latest in baby proofing technology, they will expect some general safety parameters to be followed.  Most safety measures require little effort or cost, but contribute greatly to a sense of well being in the minds of potential home buyers.  Since we live in earthquake country in San Mateo County and the bay area, the same tips for child safety apply to earthquake safety, as well.

The following questions may help your home to be the one considered (at least subconsciously) as a safe place for their future home.

  • Are your floors clean and walkways clear?
  • Are cleaning supplies and garage materials placed together in a secure or out of reach cabinet?
  • Are your windows and doors lockable and do your interior and exterior doors shut securely?
  • Can you replace any corded mini-blinds with alternative window coverings?
  • Are there modifications needed to fireplace hearths, concrete, or brick work that will make your home safer?
  • Can you remove or secure any electrical or cable cords and are your electrical outlets in good condition?
  • Are there areas in your home that can to be fixed or tightened up inexpensively? Children have a way of loosening and removing anything that is not absolutely secure.
  • Have your knickknacks and fragile items been removed or packed up so that they are not harmed if children attend the open house?
  • Have you removed or secured all toiletries (ie. razors, medicines and toothpaste) in your bathrooms so they are not generally accessible?
  • Should you purchase a throw rug to deter the possibility of someone slipping in any area of your home?
  • Should you restrict shoes if you have hardwood floors?  It is a slip hazard if you require booties on people who refuse to remove shoes, so do you have enough liability insurance, just in case?
  • If you have a pool or spa, do you have the required number of barriers or gates in place to protect children?
  • Do you have heavy items secured to your walls?

As weird as this will sound, consider having someone crawl through your home on their knees, viewing it as a child might. If something looks enticing or potentially dangerous, eliminate it until your home is sold.  Considering these items will not only help sell your home, it will also help you to rest easy knowing your home and personal items are safe from harm when families view it during the selling process.

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