Energy Tax Credits For Your Home in 2012: San Mateo County, CA

If you believe that global warming is a real issue and you’re already trying to do your part, there are many ways to go Green in your daily living.  Whether you want to use solar energy so you can go off the grid or are interested in other options here are some things to consider.  The government even believes in this by offering tax credits.  What a great way to do your part!

Are you looking for an eco-friendly tax credit to use to upgrade your home this year?  You’re in luck!  While many of the programs available in past years have expired, the following are great options to consider now and all the way until 2016.

Geothermal Heat Pumps allow your home to be heated using the earth’s constant temperature instead of the outside air temperature and can reduce your energy costs. Most pay for themselves within 5-8 years and can last for more than twenty-five years. Learn all about the various options and models to consider here.

Solar Energy Systems for your household hot water needs are another eco-friendly option to consider! While the energy credit does not cover heating the water in your swimming pool or hot tub, considerable savings can still be seen with solar installation. Click here to read more about available water heaters.

There are several systems to consider when exploring ways to power your home while being energy efficient. The following systems all qualify for a 30% tax credit, some with no upper limit, so consider which alternative source may be the best for your home. All of these credits are available on your primary residence and some can even be used on a secondary residence as well.

Prior to embarking on finding a solution, however, you should do a survey to determine the total electricity consumption of your home.  Photovoltaic Systems, Small Wind Turbines, and Fuel Cell Systems are all great resources (though a bit more pricey) for creating and providing your own energy to get “off the grid.” There is plenty to consider when exploring these solutions, so make sure you do the research first to see what will work best for your home.

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