Foster City Sunsets

Foster City Sunset

We were on vacation last week in Maui so it’s always important for a photographer to shoot a Hawaiian sunset at least one night of your vacation, right?  Well, I did that but none of those shots were as beautiful as these.  Last night as I was driving down Shell Blvd on my way to a rehearsal for Heart & Soul, the small choral group I sing with, the sun was setting and boy, was it a beautiful sky! I waited impatiently for the light to change so I could pull into the lot at the Rec Center and still catch it.  I was able to get off 4 shots that aren’t too bad.  This being the first one with the most intense orange sky looking west over Leo Ryan Lake.

Foster City Sunset 10.20.08

There is something magical about that moment when you look at the sunset.  This charming sculpture is really neat during this time of the day.  Foster City is a neat place to live.  I love introducing new people to this place with so much to do outdoors.  It’s the first planned city in California.  Schools are among the best in the state.  If you’d like to see it for yourself, call me.  650-696-2820.

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