Foster City’s 4th of July Fireworks is a Great Show, But There are Other Good Places, too

4th of julySaturday is the Fourth of July, the birthday of our country, and always a fun-filled day for families and friends.  Foster City offers a day of fun beginning with a pancake breakfast and ending with a great fireworks display.

The city has parking set up in several places, and it’s all free.  If you are coming only for the fireworks, plan ahead since they generally go off around 9:15PM.  Free parking is available in the large parking structure behind the office plaza at East Hillsdale Blvd and Shell Blvd.  There will be plenty of signs directing you where to park.  If you have a handicap sticker or plackert you can park in the lots behind the library or city hall.  Where you may not park is by Safeway unless you want a parking ticket.  That lot is private is reserved for customers of Safeway and Longs as well as the other businesses in that shopping center.

fc-fireworksBring a blanket, warm jackets, a picknick dinner and plan on enjoying the fireworks from the Leo Ryan Park.  Catamaran Park, a place often used by many locals to watch the fireworks is closed as they are making dramatic changes in the soccer field.  If you can get to the walkway along the waterfront, you can see the fireworks from there, but otherwise, find another place and the best place is at Leo Ryan Park or by the Park & Rec building on Shell Blvd.

Fireworks are also going to go off at the Port of Redwood City around 9:30PM.  Plan on getting down there early for parking.  The oldest parade on the Peninsula takes place on the 4th of July in downtown Redwood City.  Come and enjoy the 71st annual 4th of July Parade downtown Redwood City.  This parade has been a 4th of July feature for years but originally began in 1887!  When I was a child I remember going to see it and then going to see the rodeo that used to be held there as well, but the rodeo is long gone.  If you want to see a rodeo you’ll need to travel down to Salinas for that.

Both Foster City and Redwood City’s fireworks displays are FREE.  If you don’t mind paying, head to Shoreline in Mountain View and enjoy the San Francisco Symphony and Radio Disney as well as their fireworks displays.  That show begins at 5 PM. Tickets are available online.

The weather is likely to be foggy in the City and if you don’t mind fog head to San Francisco to see the fireworks over the Bay.  This is always a fabulous show and if you BART it up to the City, you won’t have to fight for parking around the Embarcadero.

Foster City will likely be cool for fireworks.  Redwood City should be a little bit warmer and it will likely be beautiful down in Mountain View.  We’re so lucky to be able to pick our weather for activities and Saturday will certainly be no exception.  Have fun, enjoy the fireworks and plan to bring friends and family with you.  Remember, it is against the law to shoot off fireworks in almost every city of San Mateo County.

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