Buying a home in No. County is incredibly affordable today.  

Buying a home in North County is incredibly affordable today.  Mortgage rates are so low, the money is almost free. But, let’s face it, the days of finding a $300,000 home (single-family, that is) appear to be over in North San Diego County. They’re sure long over everywhere else in California that’s close to the coast.

You can find a condo and occasionally, a townhouse around $300,000 so this infographic helps to show you’re paying your landlord’s mortgage and not your own because today, you can own that unit (condo/apartment) for less than your current rent.

Caveat. Getting a loan is hard today. You have to have great credit scores, low debt, and a steady income. If you have that, we can refer you to a fabulous lender to get you preapproved and make your homeownership dreams a reality. Buying a home in North County is incredibly affordable today!

If you’ve been dreaming about homeownership, what’s stopping you from making it happen?  Let us help answer your questions about buying a home for the first time.

If you’re considering a relocation from a more expensive apart of California, we can help you live the North County lifestyle you’re dreaming of. Beaches only a few minutes away. Skiing a few hours east. Hit the desert anytime you’re thinking about a quick get-away.  North San Diego County is the best of Southern California. Buying a home in North County is incredibly affordable today. Your new home in North County will likely cost less than the house you just sold. Your life will definitely change for the better. Just ask us.


Mortgage Rates & Payments by Decade [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights

  • Sometimes it helps to see the dollars and cents you’ll save when you purchase a home while mortgage rates are low.
  • Today’s low rates mean it’s less expensive to borrow money, so the savings over the life of your loan is significant.
  • Let’s connect to determine the best way to position your family for a financially-savvy move in today’s market.

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