Here’s Where to Get More Data When Buying a Home: Foster City CA

Realtors are prohibited by federal law from steering buyers to locations or homes, and included in what we can not say is what the demographic of a community is all about.  Sure we can give nuances and use buzz words that are benign but give an idea to some, but we really can never tell you that one place is better for you than another for blah blah blah reasons.

Finally, a website has come along that aggregates demographic data including census data, and research data to provide a picture of a community.  Take Foster City for instance.  I ran a report on this city and some of the information being provided includes General Lifestyles, Neighborhoods, Schools, and Crime.  The website is and as someone who has always loved data, this site is cool.  The picture on the left is a heat  map of the demographics in our immediate area.

According to the PicketReport, Foster City is made up of Flourishing Families (affluent middle-aged families and couples earning prosperous incomes and living very comfortable active lifestyles).  Foster City has a high walk-score, high school scores, and almost no crime.  Now, this is a lot of the data I can legally give about Foster City and do, but it also drills down further about the demographics, which is the stuff I can’t legally give.

If you’re a data wonk, and want to know more about the communities around Foster City such as San Mateo, Hillsborough and Burlingame, this will give you the info all in one place.  You will love this site if you are in marketing.  It’s not 100 percent accurate but it does give you an idea of what our communities are all about in one place.  The ask you to sign in but if you register I don’t see any value to you as the end user.  You can get your snap shot of the zip code you’re interested in without registering.

It’s a free service and you can get the information by zip code just keep in mind it isn’t totally perfect.  Then again, almost nothing is perfect, is it?

Here’s what’s for sale in Foster City today.

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