How Much Does It Cost You to Live in San Mateo County?



In March of this year, over 200 San Mateo County residents met at Canada College to talk about the high cost of housing in our county.  They were selected by random telephone calls.  This month is your chance to sound off and voice your thoughts, concerns and comments about this issue if you live in San Mateo County.  And,  someone will be listening!

Elected officials throughout San Mateo County will be listening to your comments and and you can make them without leaving the comforts of your home, right in front of your computer.  All youll have to do is log on to a special web site and sound  off.

The Threshold 2008 Online Dialogue is open to anyone who lives or works in San Mateo County, or wants to live here, and your opinions are really wanted.  What do you think about the high cost of housing in our county?  Hows your quality of life?  Are you house poor?  Do you live in a too small house with your family squeezed together?  Do you wish you could buy a condo or a house rather than rent?  Would you like to live here but cant afford the high prices for housing?  Sound off!  Someone is listening and very aware of your concerns and complaints.

Register now at and be heard.  Really!  Be heard from May 5 through 16th.

San Mateo County has a shortage of affordable housing for our citizens.  People vital to the heartbeat of our county, the firemen, police, nurses, teachers, and like, are forced to commute long distances from affordable housing to their jobs here in our county.  We know that by 2025, the county will add 71,000 new households and 133,300 new jobs.  The current new housing planned will not serve these needs.

Are you concerned?  Sign up to participate in an online dialogue called ˜Public Voices for Housing Choices.  You can also sign up at This is the second phase of the countywide assembly and Threshold 2008 is building on the success and energy of the debate. You will get to post your comments online about this critical issue for the continued benefit of our county and its citizens.  You will be able to ask questions of our county officials and of housing professionals. You will hopefully help to change this for all of us.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up right now! Anyone can follow the discussion online but  to particpate, youll have to register.

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