How’s the Market? Hillsborough CA

How’s the market?  This is a question we get all of the time and we used to say, “it depends.”  It depended on whether you were a buyer or a seller, an investor or renter.  Today the answer could still be “it depends” as we ask the why of the person asking but our answer will likely be “it’s hot!”   It’s hot especially if you are a seller.  Hillsborough is no different from any of the areas in our corner of San Mateo County, real estate is selling.  Sure we aren’t seeing multiple offers on multi-million dollar homes in Hillsborough because the pool of buyers for those is very small, but we are seeing these homes selling and sometimes within several weeks of being listed.

We are seeing prices rising even as inventory is finally rising as well.  Our market is healthy.  Here are the latest stats for you to look over about Hillsborough California’s real estate.  As always, we are here to help you buy or sell your Hillsborough home.  Give us a call so we can talk specifics.

Here’s what’s currently for sale in Hillsborough CA.

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