How’s the Market? San Mateo CA Condos and Townhouses

The San Mateo CA housing market is large, as San Mateo is the second largest city in San Mateo County, with just under 100,000 residents. We see entry level properties and luxury properties, both single family houses and condos or townhouses in San Mateo. Today’s we’re looking are the market data on the condo and townhouse properties.  Condos are generally the best entry level form of home ownership. They’re also great for downsizing from a large home as well. The townhouses in San Mateo are sprinkled more in the hills and some appear to be townhouses are really are deeded as condos, so this is where a Realtor can help you, in determining what it is and what it means to you as the buyer.

Here’s the latest market data on San Mateo’s condo and townhouse market.

Here are the condos and townhouses currently for sale in San Mateo.  If you would like more information on any of these, or wish to see one, please call us.

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