If Pictures are Missing in the San Mateo County MLS, Do You Care?

No picture picture

Okay, I know I am prejudiced about this and that I have written about this issue before,  but I still can’t figure out why, when I search for properties online,  there are still listings with no pictures uploaded by the listing agent.  If it bugs me does it bug you?  Do you even want to go see a property in person if you can’t inspect in online first?

Personally, I think agents who do not post pictures with their listings are just plain lazy.  Our MLS provides an easy to use program to post pictures.   Today, digital cameras are downright cheap to buy, easy to use and a snap to upload pictures to the web.  Our local MLS has made it really simple to do, too,  so why don’t agents do it?  Are they from the Old School, where they expect someone else to come out and take the picture for them? (Yes, this was a good business for someone until quite recently, in fact.)  Do you think it makes it easier to search when you can see the house first online before going to see it in person?

If you are searching online for a home, how important is it for you to see pictures?nophoto_140x105

  1. Mandatory – wouldn’t consider it without first seeing it online.
  2. Important – might consider it if the area and price are right.
  3. Who Cares – it doesn’t matter because I need to see it anyway before deciding if I like it.

I think most our my clients fall into the first category, with it being Mandatory,  but occasionally I do find someone in the second category.  On the other hand, if I am working with a Senior buyer, the third category is where they often land because many of them do not use computers in their daily lives.  When I take them to show prospective homes that is the first time they will have seen the property.

Where do you sit in my little survey?  Do you have the need to see a picture online?  Is it Mandatory for you?  Or is it Important but not something that will stop you from going to see it anyway?   What about those who are in the Who Cares camp?  Send along your comments below and let me know what you think.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?  And, yes these two empty pictures do come from listings online right now.  One is off of MLSListings and the other from realtor.com.   There is no need to say which listings these are from because you, too, can find your own set of  empty houses just for your own curiousity.  They’re out there everywhere.

What I want to know if how important is that picture?  Do you want a Virtual Tour?  Do you need to see what you think the house looks like before going to that Open House?  How often have you been surprised about what you see in person versus what you saw online?  Let me know what you think.

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