If You Live in San Mateo or Foster City, CA – Impacted Schools, Update

phone multicolorI received a call today from Amber Farina, Coordinator of Community Services for the San Mateo/Foster City School District, correcting some information I had been given by another person at the district office and that I wrote about yesterday. Foster city Schools do have room for Foster City children, there just might not be room at their neighborhood school. Currently there are two schools in the district with impacted Kindergartens – Baywood School in San Mateo and Foster City Elementary in Foster City. Children unable to attend these schools will be able to do so in first grade unless an opening happen during the school year, and then they will be transferred to their school.  Baywood School will have a portable class room set up to allow for another Kindergarten class.

The district is trying to keep all children at their neighborhood school whether they live in San Mateo or Foster City.  These children have priority in attending their local school. Only then can transfers from other schools within the district come in and on a space available basis. All four of the middle schools are technically impacted and that’s why we are seeing portable class rooms popping up all over the district.

There is early discussion about developing a committee to study theenrollment issues within the district.  If this takes place, the Board of Trustees will announce it. Right now, our San Mateo/Foster City School District has an abundance of children and that’s good.  What’s not good is there is no room for many of them to
immediately attend their neighborhood school, but the district is working  hard on accommodating everyone.

Generally within the first three days of class in the fall, the schools have a pretty firm handle on what their enrollment will be for the term.  At that time they can move the children back to their neighborhood schools if there is room.  What you as a parent must do is be patient. The reason it takes a couple of days is many of the parents who enrolled their children in the Spring decided to place them into private schools, or might have moved, so the first week of class is really a shake down period for the school.  Got it?  Good.

Thank you Amber for your corrections. Keep your eye on the website for the district to know what’s changing and when.  Or better yet, attend a Board of Trustee meeting.


Because of the large number of children expected to enroll in Kindergarten for 2009/10 school year at Foster City Elementary, the school will be impacted.  Unless the Kindergartner has a sibling already enrolled in this school the new student will be entered into a lottery for class space there.  They may or may not have room and if not, the child will attend kindergarten at either Audubon or Brewer Island Schools.  Foster City is not a huge community and this should pose only a minor inconvenience to parents.   All Foster City children will remain in Foster City schools.

The school district is hoping that the City of Foster City will donate land for a 4th elementary school.  The land they have identified is Boothbay Park.  There are many, including the City Counsel, who believe that the school district could overcome the shortage of space by rebuilding Foster City Elementary School as a 2 story school.  Foster City Elementary School is slated for updating and this is the perfect time to add the second story to the buildings.  This could enlarge the capacity of the school while keeping the playground and field areas available for the children to play on.

There will be a special meeting of the City Council on Monday, August 31, 2009 to discuss this further.  More information can be found here and here and here.

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