Join a Community Conversation About Housing Choices in San Mateo County This Saturday

San Mateo County Comunity Conversation

If you live or work — or want to live or work — in San Mateo County, you’re invited to join a unique discussion about long term housing solutions. The dialog provides an opportunity to increase understanding, exchange perspectives, and express your views on housing choices in San Mateo County. A unique citizen-driven effort to engage the people of San Mateo County in decision making about housing issues has been taking place this year and it’s called Threshold 2008. Threshold 2008 believes that by including more people in the discussion housing, San Mateo County’s leaders will be in a better position to understand what decisions the informed public will support to sustain our communities. Threshold 20008 does not advocate for any specific policy agenda or development project. They provide an inclusive forum to build the public voice on housing choices.

Earlier this year Threshold2008 conducted a weekend of public discussions and then followed up with many online opportunities where San Mateo County citizens had the chance to talk about their vision for our County.  What may be the final opportunity for you to have your say will take place this coming Saturday morning on November 15th at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, 1700 South El Camino Real.  There’s free parking and refreshments and you can join in the discussion between 10 AM and 12:30 PM.  There is a catch though, you have to preregister to attend.  It’s easy to do.  Register at here or call 650-655-5851.

Threshold 2008 If you’re interested in learning what went on at the Countywide Assembly read about it here.  Join in and be part of the public voice.  We have some serious choices to make for San Mateo County. Every single city in the County is involved with this process.  Don’t stand on the sidelines.  Get involved!!  You can afford to devote 2 and a half hours to help make a difference.

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