Landscaping – A Key to Selling Your Home – San Mateo, CA you meet someone for the first time – what do you notice?   If you’re like many of us, that initial impression is largely determined by their appearance. Believe it or not, that concept rings true with your home, too!  Your home’s Curb Appeal can give huge clues about your personality and sense of style, and its landscaping tells a story the same story, as well.  Is your landscaping sending the message you WANT to convey?  If your home is for sale, the following tips can help to make sure you are not missing the mark!

Have you driven past a house with a yard that looks like a dump and then wondered if the owner’s had any pride of ownership?   We’ve all seen those houses.  When you’re getting ready to sell your home it’s very important to look at your yard closely because it may be time to consider hiring a gardener, or getting help from family and friends, to make some needed changes as soon as possible so your house looks picture perfect. The right gardener can transform the most jungle-like backyard into a beautifully manicured area of peace and tranquility, in as little as a day!  With all the other tasks associated with selling your home, landscaping is a great project to outsource.

Before hiring a gardener, ask friends or neighbors for referrals. And don’t forget, you can always ask us or your own Realtor for a referral to a good gardener, too.  Once you have a few recommendations, make a list of what you need done and ask questions and raise any concerns you may have with the gardeners/landscapers you decide to interview.

Some key points to discuss are how often you would like service and what you need included at each visit. Services range from simple mowing to complete care, with reseeding, new sod, watering and fertilizing options. Don’t be afraid to ask your new gardener for help with ideas and improvements that could increase your property value and alert your gardener as to the property status, since there may be times when you may want extra service (such as before an open house).

Keep in mind that a specialty garden is not the same as basic maintenance. If you have special circumstances, you may want to write down your needs along with any verbal instructions for your final choice of landscaper or gardener. Don’t forget that maintenance costs, liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage are all topics you will want to discuss before entering into any final agreement.

Once you have begun your service, inspect the initial work and take time to notice the changes occurring in your landscaping. As you offer feedback to your gardener and become a part of the process, you will see your home evolve into a well-kept, beautifully groomed masterpiece. Your home will create the best impression possible and deliver the message you want to share with potential home buyers.

This may be costly but you will find this will be repaid with a higher sale price in the end allowing you to recoup your out of pocket costs. Your ROI will a good one.   Above all else, don’t forget to keep good records of everything thing you do to prepare your home for market as this can be part of your adjusted basis when you finally sell your very last house.

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