Is It Time for a Digital Detox?

Do you find yourself stuck to your phone or computer, like glue? We mean, has it become a second hand or arm you can never seem to let go? Do you find it pulling you toward it first thing in the morning? Is it hard to turn it off or leave it behind? Don’t worry! There might be a cure for that.
It might be time for a digital detox. Can you learn how to rely on technology for fewer hours in the day? Yes. Can you actually survive if you, gasp, forget your phone for a few hours? Yes.
This month we are giving you some tips on how to do just that. Leave your phone. Leave your computer. And, be happy!  Feel free to share this with everyone you know, because we all need help here. Technology is great but it’s consuming our lives and we need to let it go every day for a few hours.How to let your technology go for a while

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