Oh, The Woes of Technology.

I love technology.  I embrace it and use it and generally like how things work.  But, oh the woes of technology when it goes out of wack.   I recently changed phones — leaving the Palm Treo world and moving to the Windows based world.  I changed carriers and selected the t-Mobile Dash as my phone of choice.  I thought life was sweet.  Oh were that so…

This week I spend 90 minutes with a wonderful Technical Support person from t-Mobile. His name is Jason and he and I worked hard trying to figure out why my new Dash phone wasnt receiving e-mail. It had initially worked, but I had made the mistake of going into a t-Mobile store last week to ask some questions on how to use my new phone. The person in the store played around with my new phone and said all was fine.   And, I believed him!

We were in Monterey earlier this week attending a seminar. I hadnt taken my laptop because I could send and receive e-mail with my new phone. Or, so I thought.  The e-mail wasn’t coming in.  I could send out, but not receive. Not good. So I called t-Mobile. The first person I spoke with in Technical Support began the process to help me. I couldn’t get a strong signal near the landline phone I was using so I had to hang up and try to do what I was told to do. I did the steps but nothing happened. Nothing. Zip. Zippo. I watched my phone try to connect to their servers and it just wouldnt do it.

I called Technical Support back and then got Jason on the other end of the phone. We tried loads of things and finally the phone connected to their servers. Eventually the store guy messed up my settings so I wasnt able to use the e-mail settings that I needed. Hooray for Jason and great customer service. Its rare today to find this and when we see it, its a delight. My frustrations were over-turned due to this patient man, who was able to keep trying different things until something finally worked.

t-Mobile, you have a great employee!  Thank you.

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