San Mateo Area Inventory is Climbing & Prices Are Dropping

The saying a picture tells a thousand words is what today’s blog is all about.  I thought it would be interesting to compare the housing inventory versus the housing prices for Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo and Foster City.  The charts show one year of data.









What most of these have in common is a drop in Median Price over the past few months and an increase in Inventory, or in other words, in the number of listings.  Are we beginning to see pre-short sale inventory coming on the market?  My guess is yes.  San Mateo is an exception and that may be because it has the largest number of homes for sale across the widest price expanse.   If you are interested in getting more detailed information about one of these cities, let me know.  I did not break down San Mateo by zip code or break out condos or townhouses from San Mateo or Foster City.  I can provide that data for you should you want more.  Just ask me.

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