San Mateo County Blew It Not Notifying Neighbors About The Escape From The Juvenile Jail Last Week

Caution!  Prisoners loose

Caution! Prisoners loose

Whoa there Nelly, how in heavens name could San Mateo County blow it so succinctly last week when Josue Orozco escaped from Juvenile Hall and not notify the Highlands residents?  There are over 700 homes above the San Mateo County Youth Services Center and not one, I repeat, not one was notified of the escape of the gang member. These people heard about the escaped murder from the news.

One would think that the County would have a plan in place to do thus, but alas, no plan was is there, yet .  All they can say is Oops.  Since the County does have a system in place for emergencies wouldn’t one think that this might, just might, fall into that category? Okay, they say they’re working on it now and it should be in place soon, but it’s a little late, don’t ya think?

Authorities don’t think Orozco went into the Highlands community but likely headed south via a waiting car.  He may have headed so far south as to be in Mexico by now, but it doesn’t change the need for
communication by the County on this issue.  This kind of escape effects anyone within a couple of mile radius of Juvenile Hall, not only the Highlands.  Add in Belmont and other parts of San Mateo to the equation, too.

The County has an alert system that you can register for online here.  The San Mateo Highlands is a great community of Eichler homes.  It’s family orientated, has a great recreation department, pool and
community.  It deserves better.

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