San Mateo County Home in Distress? Here’s Help!


I am Alex, the other half of the Wilkas Group, and I just earned the Prestigious Designation of CDPE.  That means I am Certified by the Distressed Property Institute to help you determine what are the best options you have for your home if you are having difficulty in making your mortgage payments.

What exactly is a Home in Distress or a Short Sale in real estate, is this happening in our neighborhoods in Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo or Foster City?  The short answer is, YES!

I am sure that you have read and heard about the growing number of homeowners pursuing short sales in the US today. In fact, the chances are that one of your neighbors is going through one right now. Some estimates state that over 50% of the properties that close this year will be short sales or foreclosures. Most people don’t learn what a short sale is until they experience it firsthand.

In a nut shell, a short sale is a closed transaction where the mortgage holder(s) agree to accept less than the mortgage amount balance in order to close the sale. These can be very complicated transactions with far reaching ramifications.

As a CDPE, I have been specifically trained to assist buyers and sellers when they are going thru these difficult transactions. I am dedicating my training to help my clients and their friends through these difficult times. Not only are these financially challenging transactions, the stress on a family can be overwhelming.

As a community service, If you would like an informational sheet on Short Sales and exactly what they are, how to qualify and what a homeowner needs to do in order to pursue one, I would be happy to send you the information. If you or someone you know should need answers, I want to make sure at least the basics can be covered. You can reach me by clicking on the “Contact Us” button on the left side of this page.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting additional information that may help you or someone you  know understand the Distressed Property crises we are beginning to see here in San Mateo County

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