San Mateo County Schools Involved in Peanut Butter Recall

The recall of peanut butter that’s been in the news for weeks now has come home to our County and it’s serious business.  Many schools sell cookie dough as fundraisers to support everything from music to the library or even teachers salaries.  Eleven schools in San Mateo County sold this dough in late 2008. The cookie dough, sold under either the Dough-To-Go or Jane Dough labels (you do have to admit those are clever names) isn’t safe. If you happen to have any of it left in your freezer, and it is the peanut butter cookie dough, toss it.

If you, or someone in your family, had what you thought was the flu after eating baked cookies you might want to contact the CDC or the California Department of Public Health.  They are compiling statistics on this.

This is a great example of how the food chain works in this country and how the movement back to local food makes sense.

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