San Mateo Investors – There Are Some Good Real Estate Buys Out There!

Dollar SignIf you have some cash in the bank this is a great time for investors to buy real estate here in our own San Mateo County.  It’s been a long time for anyone to see a positive cash flow from investment real estate around here, but with the large number of short sales and bank owned properties on the market in certain parts of the County, the time is now to act.  Investors need to have their assets spread around and the one thing that does not disappear is land.  San Mateo County only has so much housing and we do have an on going shortage of rental properties.

Whether you want to buy an apartment building, duplex, condo or single family house, all have rental opportunities at top dollar.  While housing prices have declined in parts of our County, rental prices have not.  It’s been a long time since for us to talk about a positive cash flow in our county.  Generally one has had to buy quite a distance away but no longer.

If you’re willing to buy investment property in Oakland, or other places in the East Bay, the buys are amazing.  Many houses are available under $200,000.  Keeping in mind that it’s best to own property within 90 minutes of your home, the east bay has great opportunities for you.  Loan requirements for investment properties are tougher and you’ll need more down payment provided, but if  your money is sitting in the bank earning a small interest amount, housing is always needed and prices will go up.  Real estate always goes up.  We’re here to help you and give you pointers if you’re new to the real estate investment game.  Give us a call.  650-696-2820 for all of your real estate needs.

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