San Mateo Made the Sweet 16. Vote For Me to WIN

Blog Brawl

Blog Brawl

Woo Hoo!!  I’m in the Sweet 16.  If you were one of those who voted for me, thank you all and one.  Now, I need you more than ever!  San Mateo must win over Virginia!  We must, we must, we must. Vote for  me.  I’m against a Wild Card and those of you who know how these contests go, know  my odds aren’t looking too good.  But, with your help, and vote, I intend to move up the ranks.

Voting is going on right now.  You can vote only once from each IP your computer is attached to.  If you have a laptop and go to hot spots, vote more often, one from each place sounds good to me. I’m against some great real estate blogs from other locations in the country so your help is needed here.

Click on the logo to the left, vote for one of the two ranked in each zone and when you get to Zone 4, vote for me, SanMateoRealEstateNews.  I am sad my friends who were also in the first round didn’t make it.  I voted for them but alas, such is life. But I have prevailed and need you to help me move forward.  I’m begging you.  Vote for SanMateoRealEstateNews!

When I win, I am offering you, my voter friend, a glass of wine, hand made by Alex and Lenore Wilkas, as a thank you for your vote.  It’s good wine.  We made it.  We give it to clients.  So, if you’d like a taste, vote and come to celebrate!

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