San Mateo Real Estate News Needs Your Vote, Now!

VarBuzzHopefully, you know the drill by now.  One vote per blog.  I’m still in Zone 4 but there’s only one other blog against me this time.  I need your help to win. Win what?  Prestige, Power, and Whatever.  This is an East v. West contest.  Okay, maybe there’s a mid-west contingency too, but that doesn’t count. This is coming down to California versus Virginia and California must prevail.

Voting ends on Sunday night so you have until 11:59 PM eastern daylight time.  That’s 8:59 PM our time, just in case you’re a little challenged by time zones.

Have access to more than one computer?  Vote more than once!  Get your friends and family to vote for me.  This is serious business.  Please, vote for me now. Just click on the Blog Brawl logo and vote for San Mateo Real Estate News, zone 4.

The VarBuzz Real Estate Blog Brawl is being run like the March Madness of college basketball.  It’s a contest of other real estate blogs written by Realtors like me, who live in other states and communities.  It’s a chance for you to read about other places around the country.  I’ve been really honored to have been nominated for this and some of the blogs that I’ve been in competition against are considered heavyweights in real estate.  Your help in moving up the ranks has been amazing.  I am only going to be asking for it one other time, assuming I am able to move up to the Final 4!  Please help me get there!!

If we get into the Final 4 we’ll party!  Pouring California, wine hand crafted by Alex & Lenore Wilkas!  It’s great.  I promise.

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