San Mateo Residents Can Vote for an Assessment to Save Money. Vote Yes


Do you live near the bay in San Mateo?  Do you live in the Village, Fiesta Gardens or Sunnybrae?  Are you paying for Flood Insurance right now?  It’s expensive, isn’t it?  There is an opportunity to save some real money if you are willing to pass an annual assessment on your property for a new South Bayside Levee Improvement Assessment District.  By passing this assessment, and you have a few weeks left to do this, you’ll be assessed an annual cost between $28.28 and $76.42 on your property tax bill.  The price depends on where your property is, but that is one huge savings over paying for Flood Insurance.  FEMA updated their flood maps and San Mateo has a levee issue.  I’ve written about it before.

I’m sure if you live in the Shoreview areas, Parkside or Los Prados areas you are very familiar with Flood Insurance as you have been paying for it for several years now.  The rest of San Mateo figures they’re off the hook, but no so.  Should we have a major storm and see flooding from the 16th Avenue and 19th Avenue Channels or Laurel Creek, many more homes will be affected by flooding.

FEMA redid their maps after Hurricane Katrina and now more and more people in areas of San Mateo are being notified that they are in a flood zone, or potential flood zone.

You have until June 15th to return your ballot.  In my book, this is a no-brainer.  Flood insurance runs a minimun of $300 annually right now, before a flood zone is formalized, but once it is formalized, the price rises – a lot.  Adding this small amount to your property tax bill bill hardly be seen in each payment.  Don’t forget to do this, and by all means vote yes!

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