Something’s Phishy!

Something’s Phishy! Sound funny but it’s very serious business today and can affect everything and anything in your life. What is Phishing? It’s when the bad guys are able to get your personal information by stealing it online, or placing hidden links on your own computer or phone. We hear about it when it happens to major corporations and our data is affected. It’s up to each of us to protect ourselves because, frankly, no one else really will do it.
This month we have some tips to help you protect yourself. Take time to look at email addresses from companies you usually deal with but are sending you weird emails because that is the number one way these bad guys access you and your information. Are you getting stuff from companies you do not deal with but they assume you do?  How about something from your bank that doesn’t “feel” right? Don’t be afraid to delete the email and call the company to inquire if they really did send you something.
It’s a major issue in real estate today so when you’re in the escrow process, you will see extra steps being taken to assure that your funds are transferred to whom and where you expect them to go. Ask questions. Be suspicious. And, take your time.
How to protect your personal information.

Somethings Phishy!

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