There IS a Reason Why You Are Sneezing Lately San Mateo & Foster City!

This is for all of my East Coast friends shoveling the snow.  Eat your hearts out! In our neck of the woods the blossoms begin to pop out around this time of the year and this is no exception.  The flowers and blossoms are started to open up when we had unusually warm days and few weeks ago.

If you’re walking or driving around Burlingame, San Mateo, Foster City or in Hillsborough  and you are sneezing, coughing, wheezing, or just plain not feeling quite well, blame it on Mother Nature and our twelve months of flowers and trees. We would really rather have clouds and rain, but since Mother Nature isn’t cooperating right now, we’ll take this rather than snow, sleet or icy roads any day.
The camellia bushes are full of difference colored flowers right now.  One is next to our office building and every time I walk by I want to snipe some flowers.  I’m a good girl, though, have restrained myself.
The one tree that seems to cause the most allergy problems around Burlingame and Hillsborough is the deadly Acacia tree.  It is so pretty in flower but the pollen is a killer and these trees are every where!  I am beginning to wonder if Hillsborough is an Acacia farm with the yellow flowers seen everywhere you drive.  So if you are sneezing or coughing or rubbing your eyes, take heart it’s from one of these flowering plants and the price we pay for living in our glorous Fantasy Island.

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