Thinking of Buying a Home? There’s Going to be a Cost in Waiting: San Mateo CA

I like to work with several lenders and it allows me to refer our clients to different personalities and companies.  We generally prefer working with a loan broker who has access to many different loan programs, rather than having a bank as the lender.  You are stuck if you chose a bank and they don’t have any good programs for you.  You’re at their mercy.  Look for loan brokers.  They offer so much more to their clients.

Shashank Shekhar is one of my lenders of choice.  He’s just done this little video to explain why there’s going to be a cost in waiting to buy a home if you’re still thinking things will drop in price.  Believe  me, in our part of the world, what I like to refer as Fantasy Island, don’t expect to see anything dramatic happen with prices.  We just don’t have enough housing for the people who need it.  That’s why prices remain higher than any other place in the Country.

Take a few minutes to listen to what he has to say.  If you aren’t already pre-approved for a loan and want to buy, then do something about that now, before it costs you more by waiting. You can reach Shashank at Arcus Lending and his contact information is at the end of his video.


Here’s what’s happening in the San Mateo real estate market. Contact us if you see something you like.

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