What Do I Need To Do To List My House? Foster City CA

Yesterday I talked about what inspections you can expect to pay for when you list your house in Foster City, San Mateo, Burlingame or Hillsborough.  Actually, any where in San Mateo County, for that matter.  Once those inspections are done, and any work completed that might be needed, you’ve only begun the process.

Next comes the inside of your home.

If you’ve lived in your home for a few years then it will need to be painted. If  you’ve used dark decorator colors, I advise you to paint them out with a more neutral color pallet.  Trim should be done in white and either paint all rooms a soft tones or warm tones.  Better Homes & Gardens has these examples to share with you.

warm color pallet

Warm color pallet

Cool color pallet

Cool color pallet

How’s your kitchen?  Are your cabinets in need of a pick up?  Is the wood in good shape?  If the wood is good, but the handles aren’t, replace them.  If the wood needs work, paint the cabinets and put new handles in place.  New handles can do an amazing job of refreshing a kitchen and bathroom, too.  How about your appliances?  Do they match?  You can go to appliance stores and buy a package of new appliances for around $2000.  This includes a stove, dishwasher, microwave/vent, and refrigerator.  Buyers expect appliances will be left so give them new ones.  You’ll get your money back, believe me.

Now comes staging.  This can be done with a professional Stager, with your Agent’s help, or on your own if you’re a clever decorator.  Honestly, I suggest you hire the stager.  They can bring their expertise and rearrange your own furnishing for a modest amount of money, sometimes as low as $400.  If you need help because your furniture won’t work, furnishing a house or several rooms is the best way to go.  Costs can be everywhere on this but figure about $2500 for the first month and then additional costs after that.  But, Stager prices do vary according to what they do and where you are so talk to several before settling on the one you want.

Curb Appeal.

Finally, if you have a house, how the exterior of your house looks is critical.  Do you need to repaint?  If you don’t need to paint the entire exterior do paint your trim and front door.  Just doing those two things will give your home a huge pick-me-up.  The front door is the most important door in your house so make it bright and inviting.  Hang a wreath at the door, have potted plants in front and it says “Welcome!”.

Your yard and how it looks is as important as how the inside looks.  A Stager can often make suggestions on perk up the yard.  If you have grass, water it, feed it and mow it.  Plant fresh flowers around the yard, put mulch in open areas where you don’t have plants to give a finished look.   If you have fruit trees, keep the ripe fruit picked up off the ground.  Don’t forget to look at the condition of any fencing you may have, too .  Is is in need of repair?  Now’s the time to fix it.

How much should I expect to spend before my house is listed?

It’s really difficult to give an accurate amount on costs since the size of the home, and the amount of work needed dictates cost.  If you’re in a condo or townhouse, generally it’s interior work that gets done and that’s means paint, refinishing of floors, cleaning carpets, etc needs to be done.  Costs can run from $3000 to the sky’s the limit.  Whether you use professional painters or you’re a DIY person, costs vary.  Are you refinishing floors?  Get a professional to do them.  Paint?  DIY if you’re able.

Own a house?  Exterior painting and/or interior painting can run up to $15,000.  Landscaping, if it’s only cleaning up and planting new plants will cost a relatively a small amount.

Just remember, curb appeal is important and your home only gets one first impression.  I’ve pulled up to a house and had clients tell me they will not go in because they don’t like how it looks.  You don’t want that to happen in today’s market.  If your home presents well, you will get your price,or very close to it.

for sale signThe Final word.

Expect to spend between$1000 and $25,000, on average.  This includes inspections and needed primping to make your home beautiful.

Here’s what’s for sale in San Mateo.

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