Where’s the Market Trending? Foster City, CA 02.15.10 Condos & Townhouses

I started the trending report with Foster City, CA single family houses and now I move over to the Condos and Townhouses.  As a planned community, there are many of these to choose from.  Some of the townhouses are really attached single family homes, and some are really townhouse-style condos.  As Realtors we know the difference and it’s our job to explain that to you if you’re looking for one.  Since Foster City’s single family homes are significantly higher in value than the condos or townhouses you get more for your dollar considering them, if you want to move to Foster City for the schools.

Play around with the data to see the trends over the past 4 years.  They start during the bubble years and move to the lean years.  What you are looking at is the Median Price versus the Median Inventory across all price ranges.  Surprisingly, Foster City had the least deflation in home prices around here.  Good for the home owner, for sure, but maybe not so good for you if you’re a buyer.  If you click on the Max link you’ll see $1million on two occasions.  There are some very high-end condos in Foster City that were selling in the low million dollar range several years ago.

[altos_flash_chart st=”CA” cid=”58″ zid=”2883253″ rt=”mf” ra=”a” q=”a” right=”median_inventory” left=”median_price” mini=”none” width=”600″ height=”500″ /]

The Wilkas Group lives in Foster City and knows the community well.  If you are considering making a move into or out of Foster City we’d like to assist you with that.  You can reach us by clicking the the “Contact Us” button to the left and we’ll respond by email or phone, your choice.

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