Where’s the Market Trending? San Mateo, CA – 02.17.10 Condos & Townhouses

Since San Mateo is a large and diverse city, there are options in buying a home besides a house within the city.  Condos and townhouses are sprinkled around the city allowing for one to buy something better fitting their budget and needs.  The condo and townhouse market is pretty vibrant in San Mateo.  Condos are often the purchase choice of people downsizing from houses so many of them attract senior citizens.  The most luxurious condos are just west of downtown and some offer fantastic views of the bay and City.   There is a huge development near the Bay east of 101, with some sitting along the water.  The biggest townhouse development is just west of the College of San Mateo in the hills off of Highway 92.  Other smaller developments are closer to the downtown area and some near Burlingame.

There is a good selection of condos and townhouses in San Mateo.  When you play with the chart by clicking the the numbers at the top left, you can see the past 3 years and see exactly when we were at the peak of the bubble, and how things have fared since.  I think you’ll have fun with this one.

[altos_flash_chart st=”CA” cid=”57″ zid=”2897612″ rt=”mf” ra=”a” q=”a” right=”median_inventory” left=”median_price” mini=”none” width=”600″ height=”500″ /]

The Wilkas Group has a great deal of experience is helping buyers and sellers of condos and townhouses.  We make certain that our clients only buy properties in well managed communities.  Today there are a lot of problems with some condo communities in the County and we anticipate seeing some major issues coming down the road because of this.  If you are thinking about buying a condo or a townhouse you need to have a Realtor who knows what to look for to avoid problems for you.  If you have questions about this just click on the “contact us” button on the left.  We’ll be back to you either by email or phone, your choice.  It’s our job to help you with your purchase and sale to avoid problems.

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