Why Has the US Post Office Disenfranchised Foster City?

According the the 2010 Census there are 30,567 residents living in Foster City.  Foster City doesn’t even have it’s own zip code, making it the largest city in San Mateo County without its own zip code.  Why then does the US Post Office no longer wish to deliver mail through the post office in Foster City when there are that many residents there?   Why did someone arbitrarily decide that a city of this size doesn’t matter and in order to save money this city would be reduced to a town the size of, say Hillsborough, with only 9200 people and no post office?

If you live in Foster City you know your City doesn’t show up as Foster City in many web sites when you go to order products online.  You input 94404 and up pops San Mateo.  We don’t live in San Mateo, we live in Foster City.  Sure we’re 1/3 the size of our sister city but we are own municipality and when other cities within this county, with smaller populations, have their own Zip Code and Post Office,  we’re being treated like third-class citizens.

Do you realize that you now must must go to San Mateo to do any postal business with the exception of mailing out packages?   All mail is now going out of the Delaware Street post office in San Mateo for Foster City mail,  making more work for the workers there so they don’t have time in the day to deliver our mail as regularly as it used to be delivered.  The local Foster City delivery people have been “repurposed”.   Expect to stand in long lines at the San Mateo post office if you hold your mail when you travel.  Plan on hours and hours of delay.

If you’re finding that your mail deliveries have been coming at different hours of the day, or on some days, not coming at all, this is the reason.  Sure the US Postal Service is having financial difficulties and they need to streamline processes but is this the way to do it?  How many other cities in San Mateo County no longer have post offices providing full services?  How many other cities of the same size as Foster City do not have their own Zip Code?

If you live in Foster City and want things to change you need to contact Jackie Speier’s office and tell her how you feel about this.  Contact her by email or phone: (650) 342-0300.  It’s also time for the City Counsel of Foster City to demand some changes.  Are you as mad as I am?  If you are, let’s do something about this!

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