Year-end Look at Foster City CA Market

Foster City, like San Mateo, offers a good selection of single family houses for sale as well as condos and townhouses.  I’ll start with the single family houses to show you what the market has been like. Over all Foster City is the healthiest market in our area.  Prices are up and we’re seeing that there were 2 months where prices exceeded the list price.  This is something we haven’t seen in several years.  Foster City sits in a perfect location for commutes to bio-tech or hi-tech, east bay or the City.  Schools are tops, there are loads and loads of parks for families to utilize and they do, too.  It’s a planned community with apartments, condos, townhouses and single family houses.  The waterways snake through the city and boating is a big pass time.

Foster City class 1 sale v median

Like our other communities last year didn’t see a lot of sales, even after the banks opened up their lending and gave out loans rather than moths, but prices have been pretty good.  There haven’t been a lot of short sales or REO’s, yet.  We know there will be some, but not sure how many.  Foster City is one of the few places one can buy entry level, and move up within the community.  If you are thinking about buying a short sale or REO in order to get to Foster City from somewhere else, you need experienced agents working these tricky deals.  The Wilkas Group is experienced and trained in the nuances of short sales and bank owned sales.  Whether you are buying or selling we know how to help you achieve your real estate needs.

Foster City class 1 data

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