Yes, Foster City and San Mateo, There is Money Out There for a Mortgage!

Calendar daysNot a day has gone by during all of this global money chaos when someone hasn’t asked me if the real estate business has ended, thinking that no one is lending any longer and therefore no one is buying anything.  Guess what!  It just isn’t so!  There is money out there to lend and it’s a great rates, too.  So, yes, Foster City and San Mateo, and yes Hillsborough and Burlingame, you too can get a loan to buy a house today.  Of course, you’ll have to qualify first but that’s to be expected!

Who is lending?  Smaller banks are into this game right now and loan broker’s are perfect for tapping into these lenders.  There are some wonderful buys out there for first time home owner’s or move-up families.  The real estate market is alive and well.  Things are slow but anything involving money is slow right now.  If you are a first time buyer here’s your opportunity to take advantage of the tax credit Congress was so kind to provide to you.  There are conditions but if you qualify for it $7500 could be your tax-free loan.

If you are considering buying – or selling real estate today, don’t wait, just do it.  Life continues to happen for all of us and there is no reason to wait.  Do you have questions about this?  Call me at 650-867-2909 and I’ll talk with you about your specific needs.

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