You Call This Customer Service…..?

I recently purchase a tube of Crest Prohealth tooth paste at my local Target.  After about 3 days use, the nifty, high tech design cap broke off of its hinge. On the back panel of the tube there is a toll free phone number listed to call if you have a question.

I decided to take them to task and call about my broken dispensing cap. I dialed 1-800-594-1458 and when connected, I entered into voice mail option hell. After listening to the choices, I chose option #3  (the broken cap problem), and I was transferred to a not so pleasant recorded voice recording advising me that Procter & Gamble knows about the problem and is working on it, and then……..Click!, I was disconnected.

I did not give up, I re-dialed the toll free number a second time and listened to 6 or 7 options and finally, at the end of the message I was given an option (0) to talk to a real live person.  WOW!!

When I was connected to the live Costumer Service person (I use this term lightly) I tried to explain my broken cap problem, the customer service person simply repeated the same information that was on the pre-recorded message in option # 3 during my first call, thanked me for my concern but could not indicate to me when the problem would be fixed ….. Thank you…… Goodbye and click.

I next tried to contact P &G via their web site  that proved to be almost as daunting as using the 800 phone number.  After searching the site for about 5 minutes I found the “ask or leave a question link” and proceeded to leave my nicely worded complaint about my experiences using the product and calling the 800 number twice.

You would think that an e-mail inquiry would at least make it to a set of eyes, no luck with that either, 20 minutes later I received a notification from P & Gs auto responder indicating that they are unable to answer my e-mail inquiry due to a serious problem with their server.

If the Wilkas Group treated clients like I was treated by P & G, I dont think anyone would be reading this blog, because we would not be business and this site would not exist.   Ah …….. Customer Service, where are you?

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