Our clients speak volumes.

Our client testimonials describe what has been, and our promise of what is to come.


‟My family and I have worked with Lenore and Alex Wilkas since our first transaction in 2004 when they helped us sold our first home and also bought our second home. Within 4 years, we made another move and without hesitation, we called on Lenore and Alex in 2008 to help us list and sold our second home and moved us to a new location. Needless to say, selling in 2008 was a bit of a challenge but we were lucky enough to have the Wilkas took care of our transactions. 9 years has gone by and the Wilkas continue to keep us up-to-date with the market and newsletters on various events that impact our community and family. 2 years ago, however, the Wilkas moved over 400 miles from where we were residing. And this year, we are once again ready to make our next move as our family life stage is changing as our children are now moving on to college. We are also moving to a new area that is outside of the Wilkas' market. We had reservation since they moved away and did not want to burden the Wilkas with the distance we have between our two places. HOWEVER WITHOUT HESITATION: Lenore and Alex took us on and next thing you know, our house: listed, open house, broker tour, private showing---within one week and a half, our house was SOLD. We closed in exactly 21 days. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I Thank you for your continued professionalism and support even when we had doubt with the market and the multiple challenges with today's housing environment. But most of all, thank you for your friendship, trust and care to our family over the 14 years since our 1st to our 5th transaction.” Read More ▾


‟My condo sold in TWO days at way over asking price, thanks to Lenore & Alex. They helped me for months on my remodeling; Lenore took me around to find everything I needed.”

Angela Renee Lightfoot

‟My husband and I had three days to find a place moving from Canada. If you didnt already know, this is pretty much impossible to do in San Francisco. Lenore devoted her time and attention to us and spent three full days for no commissions! Everything she showed us was exactly what we were asking for so she listened to what was important to us. When it is time for us to buy a home in the Bay, we will use Lenore no doubt! Lenore was professional but we both enjoyed that she was personable as well. She made me feel right at ease during a stressful time. She spent much more time with us that anyone else would have and did it out of the kindness of her heart. No one wanted to give us the time of day because we were renting. That means a lot to me! She looked with us till the sun went down and then met us at the airport in the morning before our plane took off just so we could sign papers. She is a true gem! Please use Lenore and you wont regret it!” Read More ▾


‟I am a seasoned homeowner and knew what i wanted. Lenore took me out to look at properties that fit my description, in terms of location, amenities and price. We saw everything! However, she also took me to a few places outside of my description, based on her evaluation of me. This was where we hit the bell! She did everything you could ask of a good Real Estate Agent, and then some! She was highly responsive, flexible with her time, had always prepared our trips, so that there was no wasted time, and I got to know the area quite well, including shopping, nature and other activities. Lenore also found me a local lender, which made the process a bit easier, rather than finding something on line, who also matched the best onnline offers in terms of cost and rate.. Lenore also put my old place on the market, and scored me a good price, as well as timed everything so that there was minimal overlap, and thus cost. I can highly recommend Lenore: You will be very happy you went with her!” Read More ▾


‟Lenore went far above and beyond the norm in terms of her very knowledgeable and personal support of our house hunt. Very impressive level of service! We really appreciate her time and patience in helping us find the perfect match for our needs in this difficult market environment. Thank you so much Lenore! ”

Joe Barro

‟Lenore is very pleasant to work with. She understood what my needs and parameters are proceeded to show me homes that could potentially meet my needs and parameters. Once we found a property, she worked with the listing agent so we could present an offer that provided us with a high level of acceptance. Once our offer was accepted, she worked with my lender to get the appropriate pre approval letter and confirming that we are able to do a 15 day close. We encountered a problem with the title company and she did everything she could to make things happen. She also helped correct an error made on a closing date and was able to get me a small refund for the real estate tax and HOA charges. I am now moved in and very happy with my purchase.” Read More ▾

Jamie and Heather Glenn

‟My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Lenore Wilkas. After meeting and visiting just a few homes she had a good understanding of what we were looking for and was able to focus on visiting houses that matched our living preferences and style. When she saw the house we ended up buying she knew we would love it and called me right away. She asked the broker to please stay 30 min longer at a viewing so that she could swing by pick me up and take me to see it. We loved it and moved on the house right away. We had some back and forth on the price but quickly settled and closed in 30 days. Lenore really knows the peninsula, the schools and neighborhoods so was very helpful in getting us up to speed on the best places to live. She also knew when we saw our house with our view that there wasn't many houses out there with that view and we should move on it. She was extremely responsive and available and helped the paperwork process go smoothly. I highly recommend Lenore and Alex, they were such a pleasure to work with!” Read More ▾

Jared Smith & Jill Hill

‟When faced with the challenge of moving from San Diego to San Francisco my wife and I had to search remotely for our rental home. As the leasing agent for the landlords of the home that we eventually agreed to rent, Alex was incredibly patient with our circumstances of not being local. Additionally, he exhibited the upmost integrity by keeping true to all of his commitments to us throughout the process. We certainly had many anxieties about moving to a new city in short order, but we had great confidence in Alex. We will definitely consider working with Alex in the future, when we decide to purchase a home.” Read More ▾

Josiah & Mary Alice Ambrose

‟Lenore and Alex have been absolutely wonderful. They clearly understand the emotional and logistical aspects of home buying from the buyers perspective and they are the generous and warm people you want to help you negotiate the process. They also have the experience of seasoned  Realtors, homeowners, and local residents to help even someone new to the area and home ownership navigate the waters. Lastly they understand what is a very competitive and now fluid market well enough to help their clients make the most of their investment. And, in such a competitive market, whats better than one great Realtor on your side? Of course, two great Realtors committed to each other and to you.” Read More ▾

Carol Branch

‟Having lived in the South Bay, I was not new to the Bay Area but the Peninsula needed some getting to know. Lenore and Alex very quickly got me educated because of the breadth of their knowledge of the area. They were open to my opinions and gave me valuable guidance that got me my home with which I am extremely happy.” Read More ▾

Tracy & Aaron Stettner

‟Thank you so much for all the amazing help in getting us here. It was wonderful to work with both of you.”

Jim & Nenita Nguyen

‟With such a fast pace life style and the demands for instant gratification, it is too easy to forget that we cant make this happen without your support. But I just want to drop you both a quick note and send you our thoughts of appreciation.”

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