Jamie and Heather Glenn

My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Lenore Wilkas. After meeting and visiting just a few homes she had a good understanding of what we were looking for and was able to focus on visiting houses that matched our living preferences and style. When she saw the house we ended up buying she knew we would love it and called me right away. She asked the broker to please stay 30 min longer at a viewing so that she could swing by pick me up and take me to see it. We loved it and moved on the house right away. We had some back and forth on the price but quickly settled and closed in 30 days.

Lenore really knows the peninsula, the schools and neighborhoods so was very helpful in getting us up to speed on the best places to live. She also knew when we saw our house with our view that there wasn’t many houses out there with that view and we should move on it. She was extremely responsive and available and helped the paperwork process go smoothly.

I highly recommend Lenore and Alex, they were such a pleasure to work with!

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