I am a seasoned homeowner and knew what i wanted. Lenore took me out to look at properties that fit my description, in terms of location, amenities and price. We saw everything!

However, she also took me to a few places outside of my description, based on her evaluation of me. This was where we hit the bell!

She did everything you could ask of a good Real Estate Agent, and then some! She was highly responsive, flexible with her time, had always prepared our trips, so that there was no wasted time, and I got to know the area quite well, including shopping, nature and other activities.

Lenore also found me a local lender, which made the process a bit easier, rather than finding something on line, who also matched the best onnline offers in terms of cost and rate..

Lenore also put my old place on the market, and scored me a good price, as well as timed everything so that there was minimal overlap, and thus cost.

I can highly recommend Lenore: You will be very happy you went with her!

Moving? Know the value of your home …